Arrange for reliable snow removal services in Durham, NC

Keep Property Liability to a Minimum

Sporadic snowfall in the Durham, NC area makes snow removal a challenge. Westside Group, LLC can help you keep your property safe for clients, students and pedestrians.

We don't just show up after the snow has fallen. We'll be at your property:

  • Before snowfall: Our pre-snow treatment makes snow removal fast.
  • During the snow storm: We can treat your property during snowfall to maintain a safe environment.
  • After the snowfall: Once the snow has stopped, we'll finish clearing away what's fallen.

Call 919-809-7099 now to arrange for snow removal services.

Providing disaster relief and storm damage cleanup

Providing disaster relief and storm damage cleanup

Hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornados and floods can devastate communities. When disaster strikes, Westside Group will be there to help. We can mobilize up to 300 workers to handle large storm damage cleanup. We'll provide:

  • Relief RVs
  • Road clearing services
  • Debris removal

We offer relief and storm damage cleanup in the Durham, North Carolina area. Call now to learn more about how our emergency services can help keep you safe after a disaster.